Alexander Katalinic

Plenary Presenter

Alexander Katalinic, MD
University of Luebeck, Institute for Social Medicine and Epidemiology Director
Luebeck, Germany


Alexander Katalinic is full professor of epidemiology at the University of Luebeck. He is the director of the Institutes for Social Medicine and Epidemiology and for Cancer Epidemiology. From 1986–1992, he studied medicine at the University Erlangen, Germany. 1994 doctoral degree (MD), 2004 postdoctoral lecture qualification; Vena legendi: social medicine, epidemiology and health care research. He is chairman of the Association of Population-Based Cancer Registries in Germany, speaker of the Center of Population Medicine and Health Research of Univeristy Luebeck and and coordinating member of the German National Conference on Skin Cancer Care. His research focus is cancer epidemiology, early detection and health care research. He contributed to more than 350 research articles in peer-reviewed journals.


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Screening for Skin Cancer in High-risk Populations

Plenary 4


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